Our Greenhouse Organization Project

Today we wanted to talk about the greenhouse organization project we completed over this past weekend. 

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Money Saving Grocery Tips

How to save money on your groceries

Today we wanted to share our money saving grocery tips with you. We have a fairly strict grocery budget each and every month as we are working on becoming debt free. Therefore, we do everything we can to reduce the household expenses that we have control over. One of these budgets is our monthly grocery budget. We are working to keep this budget under $600 per month which includes food, eating out, and household expenses.

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Canning Homemade Chocolate Sauce

Making and canning your own chocolate sauce couldn’t be any easier. As long as you have the ingredients on hand, canning supplies and are comfortable water bath canning, you can easily make chocolate sauce to add to your long-term food storage at a fraction of the cost. This chocolate sauce is very versatile and can be used to top ice cream or other desserts, to make chocolate milk or hot cocoa or any other way you see fit.

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