Money Saving Grocery Tips

How to save money on your groceries

Today we wanted to share our money saving grocery tips with you. We have a fairly strict grocery budget each and every month as we are working on becoming debt free. Therefore, we do everything we can to reduce the household expenses that we have control over. One of these budgets is our monthly grocery budget. We are working to keep this budget under $600 per month which includes food, eating out, and household expenses.

This also includes the expense of food for 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 6 chickens. We eat all of our meals at home or pack snacks and lunches if we are away from home. One of our money saving grocery tips would be to meal plan for the entire month, week, or how ever long the groceries you purchase need to last. Based on this meal plan, you should be able to generate a concise grocery list. Go to the grocery store with this concise list and only purchase what is on your list. You may be able to meal plan based on what you already have available in your pantry, freezer, or food storage and be able to reduce the amount of items you purchase from the grocery store.

Money Saving Grocery Tips

Shopping in the bulk foods section is another of our money saving grocery tips

Another grocery tip we have is to shop at stores that have a bulk foods section. We have a store called WINCO in our area and we purchase a number of baking items, spices, rice, beans, pastas, peanut butter and many other goods from the bulk section. We are always amazed when we look at our receipt after coming home to find we only spent 20 cents for the amount of garlic powder that would cost several dollars on the baking aisle or when we see that the 3 lbs of beans purchased at 60 cents per pound cost less than $2.00. The savings from being able to purchase foods at this capacity are truly tremendous with savings adding up quickly.

We would love to hear what money saving ideas you have to reduce your grocery expenses. We hope you found these tips to be helpful and we hope to see you again soon. Thanks for visiting Sunup to Sundown!


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