Oregon Coast Trip

Today our family made a trip to the Oregon Coast. For this trip we visited the city of Newport and Nye Beach. With the arrival of our newest child we knew we wouldn’t be able to take an extended trip but we wanted our daughter to still have some summer fun. We are lucky enough to live just about an hour from the coast and we absolutely love visiting the beach and putting our toes in the sand. Today the weather was slightly overcast but it was pretty nice day for what us Oregonians would consider a nice day at the beach. We played in the sand with our daughter, put our feet in the water, walked on the beach and also spent some time just sitting and watching the waves wash up on the shore. We spent about 2 hours at the beach before leaving to get lunch.

For lunch we tried a new restaurant right off Nye Beach called the Taphouse at Nye Creek. We tried their fish and chips which were made using Rockfish caught locally off the Oregon Coast. We also tried a cheeseburger which was stacked high and on a brioche bun. Both of these dishes were delicious. We found the restaurant’s prices to have been slightly higher than average for the portions to have been very generous. We were satisfied with the service and wait time even with two small children. We found the atmosphere of the restaurant to have been both spacious and relaxing. We also found there to have been ample parking than compared to other locations in Newport. After we finished eating at the Taphouse, we visited an ice cream and taffy shop called BJ’s Ice Cream which is located right outside the restaurant. At this ice cream shop we had ice cream cones and also bought some taffy to bring home. Salt water taffy is one souvenir we always bring home from the coast. With there being so many flavor choices, there is one to suit everyone’s taste!

Overall, we enjoyed our trip to the Oregon Coast and are already planning our next trip which will be in the next month or two. These trips to the coast are fairly economical, as we try to remain as frugal as possible but still have a good time. We spent about $75.00 in total for today’s trip which we feel was pretty reasonable for a day trip as we do not make these trips on a regular basis.

We would recommend you to visit the Oregon Coast yourself. We would also recommend the places we visited but don’t just take our word, check them out for yourself. We would love to hear what you were up to this weekend and if you have any questions about the Oregon Coast, feel free to ask. Thank you for stopping by and visiting Sunup to Sundown! We hope to see you again soon!



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