What we’re growing on our 1/4 acre property

Today we wanted to talk about what we’re growing on our ¼ acre property.

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Our Gardening Secrets

Why does our garden do so well?

People constantly ask us, why does your garden do so well? They say “your garden always looks so lush and you always grow so much.” They also ask us what are our gardening secrets. Well, the secret is that it is really a combination of several things that we think contribute to our gardening success. We don’t feel that we are gardening experts by any means but just have some tricks of the trade that work really well for us in our own garden.

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2018 Garden Season

Currently here in Oregon we are seeing blooms on our of a plants in our garden. We are really feeling like our garden is coming into full swing with everything coming into fruition. We are anxious to see these blooms transform into the most delicious vegetables and fruits one can imagine. Now that we grow our own, we can really taste the difference in the produce we grow and what we can purchase in a store. During the summer months, if we are unable to grow a certain veggie or fruit, we try to purchase it from a local farmer right down the road from us. We feel this is still better than what we can purchase in a store and we are also supporting local farmers.

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