Our tips for a successful gardening season

Today we wanted to share our tips for a successful gardening season. As we approach spring and garden season, it will soon be time to start your seeds.  

To some the idea of planning your garden at this time of the year seems too early.  But on our urban farm, we start this planning at the start of January.  While we will not be starting our seeds, there is a lot of preparation that must take place before gardening season begins.

Last year we were very fortunate enough to be able to save enough money and purchase a greenhouse for our urban farm.  This greenhouse is exactly what we needed to be able to get a jump-start on our growing season.  Due to it’s temperature being 10-20 degrees on average warmer than the outside temperature it allows of optimal growing conditions even in cooler months.  By starting early our plants get a head-start by growing bigger and stronger before they are transplanted into our garden beds. 

Even if you don’t have a greenhouse, you can get smaller seed starting set-ups. You can even get ones that allow you start seeds inside your home or inside a windowsill. If you are creative you can start seeds just about anywhere as long as it is warm enough and they get enough sunlight.  

Another big part of planning your garden is to take inventory of your seeds.  This allows you to be able to see what seeds you already have and what you need to purchase. This also gives you the time to be able to research different plant varieties and be able to try new varieties by having this research time.  In addition, you get the advantage of buying your seeds early and get what you want.   

Something that is really important on our urban farm is to purchase seeds that are non-GMO, heirloom, and if possible organic.  Our favorite seed company to purchase from at this point in time due to amazing quality and price is migardener.com. We have been very impressed with the germination rate for the seeds we have purchased from this company.  In fact, we have been able to grow plants we have never had any luck growing before.  In addition, the germination rate is so critical when you have limited time, resources and ability to grow your own plants.  

Another important part of planning your garden is to ensure you have enough pots, dirt, compost, fertilizers, soil amendments, and space to start your seeds.  You need to have enough parts to initially start your seeds and to transplant them once they are large enough. You also need to have enough dirt, compost, and soil amendments to start and continue growing your plants. By planning ahead you will have the space to start and continue growing your seeds in a greenhouse or other location. Another important thing to consider is your water supply.  We collect a substantial amount of rain water from roof runoff that helps us tremendously with our gardening water cost.  

These are just a few of our tips and tricks that wanted to share. We hope that you find this information helpful and you have a prosperous growing season.  Do what you can do get a jump start on your gardening season by planning ahead.

We would love to hear about your gardening tips.  If you have any suggestions, please share in the comments below.  Thank you for stopping by and visiting Sunup to Sundown!  We’ll be back soon with another recipe or update regarding our garden or our journey to becoming more self-reliant.

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