Our Greenhouse Organization Project

Today we wanted to talk about the greenhouse organization project we completed over this past weekend. 

Where to Begin?

Our Greenhouse Organization Project
Before we cleaned and organization our greenhouse…

With garden season right around the corner, we decided that it was time to get our greenhouse ready.  A big part of this is just organizing it so that it is more efficient when the time comes to start our seeds. 

With this being the first winter we had our greenhouse, we were surprised by how many things accumulated in this small space. The greenhouse seemed to become more like a storage unit during these past winter months. In addition, everything just seemed to have been shoved into the greenhouse instead of been properly stowed.

Like any organizational or decluttering project it can easily become overwhelming. These are the tips that helped us to complete this project.

  1. Move everything out of the greenhouse.
  2. Sort like items (pots, buckets, baskets, other gardening supplies).
  3. Stack the pots and baskets neatly. 
  4. Organize any plants you have growing in your greenhouse.  We have aloe vera plants that overwintered in the greenhouse. 

By completing this project you can take inventory of exactly what you have and what you need to purchase for this growing season. Some of the items that have been relocated to the greenhouse are buckets of chicken feed, fodder grains and garden related tools. Our planting seeds are stored inside of our garage as it is more climate controlled.  We also store some other gardening items inside as they do not store well in the greenhouse.

Our Greenhouse Organization Project
After we cleaned and organized our greenhouse…

What Happens Next?

We are anxiously awaiting the time to start planting seeds but it just hasn’t been warm enough here in Oregon.  Currently we don’t have a way to keep our greenhouse warm or maintain the heat.  We are still having cold nights that are dropping into the 30’s or more recently the 20’s.  And this is just too cold to start seeds as you need to your greenhouse to stay at least around 50 degrees for seeds to germinate. 

This is our best effort to do what we can to start our garden season.  We feel we’ll be able to start seeds within the next couple weeks at the latest.  That is if we’re patient enough to wait that long. 

Our hope is that by this time next year we’ll have some other type of heat source  whether that is some heat mats or a small heater to help maintain the greenhouse temperature.  Another idea we had was to find some kind of solar heater for a decent price.  The jury is still out on this one but we’ll be sure to share if we do find one that is reasonably priced.

We hope our greenhouse organization project inspires you to be able to get things going for your growing season too.  If not, maybe this will just inspire you to organize or declutter something else inside your home or on your property.

We’d love to hear about the projects you have going on.  Are you doing things to prepare for spring, gardening or other organizational projects?  Please let us know in the comments below.  Thank you for stopping by and visiting Sunup to Sundown!  We’ll be back soon with another recipe or update regarding our garden or our journey to becoming more self-reliant.

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