Selling on Etsy vs. Handmade on Amazon

Today we wanted to share a little more about selling on Etsy versus Handmade on Amazon (HOA).  We’re sharing the positive and negative benefits to each platform to help you make the decision of which site would be best for you.

We thought first-hand information from experienced sellers in both of these marketplaces would be an absolute gold mine. We’ve been selling items on both Etsy and Handmade on Amazon for a couple years. There are things that we have come to love and hate about both sites that we wanted to share with you.    

A few benefits of Etsy

1. The Etsy platform allows for more customization.  You have more control over the layout and design of your page.  You have the ability to add a header and background and other graphics in line with your business.  You also can separate your product listings into sections.  This allows you to create a site that feels cozy instead of being a large company website.

2. The Etsy platform is a more established marketplace for handmade items.  People are much more likely to seek out specific products, items or customized items on this site.     

3. This site has more features for the seller.  Some of these features include; QuickBooks, promoted listings, sales and coupon codes, and more services to help you build your business.  

4. The Etsy website is more user friendly and easier to navigate.  It is easier to upload information, create a listing, or update information on your Etsy site or listings.

5. The Etsy mobile app is more user friendly and a feature called square allows you to sell items in person.  They provide you with a free magstripe reader that you can use to process credit card transactions in person. This allows you the flexibility to sell products at craft shows or other in person events.

6. Etsy allows you to sell other products besides handmade items. These include; vintage or antique items, collectible items, or craft supplies.  It allows you the opportunity to sell other items or products that are in alignment with your target market.   

7. Starting an Etsy account is as logging on, registering for an account, creating a page and creating listings for your products. With Handmade on Amazon there is an application process to be approved.  

A few benefits of Handmade on Amazon

1. The Handmade on Amazon (HOA) marketplace is not as saturated as Etsy.  There are not as many people selling products on HOA and there is less competition.    

2. With HOA, you have the option to have Amazon fulfill your orders.  You ship your products to Amazon and they process and ship once your customer purchases it.     

3. On Handmade on Amazon there are no listing fees, however, they do have a 15% referral fee for each item you sell.

4. On Handmade on Amazon customers can conveniently use Amazon pay with the card they already have stored on their Amazon or Prime account.

5. On HOA, you get your first $50 of ad clicks for free.  This is a good way to test out advertising and see if it would benefit your business or your sales.  

6. There are also separate marketplaces for the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Japan.  This allows you to choose what you sell in each marketplace.   

A few benefits of both sites

As a seller in the handmade community, you have to research and weigh all of these options when choosing what marketplaces you sell in.  There are a few benefits that both of these platforms offer.  In addition, there are benefits to having your business on both of these sites simultaneously. 

One thing that can be said for both of these sites is they offer great support to you as a seller.  They both have responsive support and are available to help.  In addition, they both have fair complaint departments and processes when customers file complaints.

Do you have a hobby you could turn into an income stream? Stay tuned for further exploration of building an online business.  We’d love to hear what you think about this idea.  Let us know in the comments below. Thank you for visiting Sunup to Sundown! Please subscribe, like or share this post with others who it could benefit.

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