How to Start an Online Business

Today we wanted to talk about how to start an online business. These are a few things you need to consider when starting an online business.

Now this is a little bit different type of topic than normally we talked about on this blog.  Typically the content we share on this blog is about our lifestyle and how we’re trying to live as self-sufficiently as possible.  Another aspect of building a self-sufficient lifestyle is being able to create an income stream so that you can work for yourself.

Because there are so many important aspects to grow a successful business.  We wanted to share a few things that we have learned as we have grown our online businesses. 

Over the next couple months, we will incorporate this into the content we share. Some of these topics include; types of online businesses, identifying your product, and identifying your marketplace.  Some of the other topics include but are not limited to; writing a good listing description, taking good photography for product listings, learning SEO for product listings, shipping items, and customer service in the online marketplace.

What type of online business is best for you?

There are lots of different types of businesses you can start online. Here is a list of a couple different types of businesses you could start.

  1. Handmade products
  2. Resell products
  3. Blog
  4. YouTube Channel or Vlog

How much time do you have?

A few questions to really ask yourself are how much time do you have?  Are you able to devote a couple hours a day, a couple hours, a week or a couple hours a month to your business.  This will really determine what type of online business it will best for you to start.

How much money do you have or want to spend?

How much money do you have or want to invest in your business?  Are you trying to start a business with zero money?  Do you have a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars to start?  This will really determine what type of equipment or tools you are able to purchase based on this budget. 

If you enjoy doing crafts and making things, a handmade business may be the best business for you.  You could make digital products like spreadsheets or designs to sell in your business.  

Another type of business is where you resell products. This is where you resell products that typically aren’t made by you. You could sell craft kits, travel kits, gift baskets where you put together items to make a product. You could also have a product that is distributed by another company.  In that situation, you list the product and the orders are fulfilled by Amazon which takes a lot of the leg work out of the equation for you.

You could also create a Blog or YouTube Channel.  This could be a space where you share specific content or could be a space where you share experiences or your lifestyle.  There are some great aspects to these types of businesses that lend you more flexibility and control or your resources. 

Do you have a hobby?  Is there a way you could turn that hobby into an income stream? Stay tuned for further exploration of building an online business.  We’d love to hear what you think about this idea.  Let us know in the comments below. Thank you for visiting Sunup to Sundown! Please subscribe, like or share this post with others who it could benefit.

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