Homemade Potato Salad

You can make homemade potato salad in no time by using your instant pot or pressure cooker.  Previously, we would have boiled eggs and potatoes on the stove but using the instant pot makes quick work of cooking both eggs and potatoes to make this scrumptious side dish.  In fact, the instant pot makes hard boiled eggs that are so easy to peel.  We have wondered why we waited so long to purchase an instant pot just for this reason.

Homemade Potato Salad

15 to 20 small potatoes such as red or Yukon gold, cooked and cubed

7 hard-boiled eggs, chopped

1 large onion, chopped

1 to 1 ½ cup mayonnaise

¼ cup mustard

1 cup green tomato relish or sweet relish with juice

1 teaspoon dill

½ teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon pepper


Cook eggs and potatoes in the instant pot.  You can cook them together but we chose to cook them individually.  To cook eggs, cook them on manual for 5 minutes, naturally release pressure for 5 minutes, release remaining pressure and transfer to an ice water bath for 5 minutes.  To cook potatoes, cook them on manual for 10 minutes, naturally release the pressure or quick release after 10 minutes.  If you are cooking larger potatoes or full sized potatoes, you may need to adjust the cooking time up to 12 minutes instead.

Cut the potatoes into small cubes or chunks depending on your preference.  Chop the hard boiled eggs and finely dice the onion.  Combine the potatoes and eggs into one bowl and leave the onions in their own bowl.

To make the sauce add the mayonnaise, mustard, relish with some juice, dill, salt and pepper to the bowl with your diced onions.  Mix this thoroughly before transferring to the larger boil with the potatoes and eggs.  Combine all ingredients.  Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.  Make sure to stir once you bring it out of the refrigerator and serve it.  The potatoes may absorb much of the sauce.  If the salad seems dry, you will need to add more mayonnaise and mustard to taste.

You could also add celery, cheese, bacon, or any other things you like to add to your potato salad.  You could also sprinkle some paprika as a finishing touch or to give the salad some contrast in color.  You can really get creative and make this potato salad your own and one to add to your own recipe book.

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